This main program covers the St. Anna Timber Sawmill, St. Anna Mechanical Workshop, Raihu Cattle Farm, Building Construction and Maintenance and Concrete Product Workshop. The aim is to establish small commercial activities to generate small internal revenue for the Diocese while empowering people to kick start small commercial activities that whilst providing support to the evangelization work for meat supply, transport repair, timber supply, supply of concrete tiles and building blocks and construction and maintenance of house, buildings and other facilities.

Through this program, the Diocese has been seen as one of the main employers, (apart from the Government) in the area employing over 200 skilled and unskilled workers and providing direct income to over 800 people. The Diocese has also initiated and currently facilitated small-scale economic activities with emphasis on empowering people to make rational decisions in the exploitation of their natural resources in a sustainable way whilst maximizing direct benefits.

Some of the achievements made by the program over the years include:

The program went through a major review between 2003 and 2004 as it became known that the entities were very costly and not able to make money. This was obvious because these entities were not conceived to be money making but service providers. Although these entities provided employment for the local people, they created large burden on the Diocese to find money to maintain these so-called services.

The review resulted in considerable scaling down or amalgamation of activities in all entities. A more profound change was the conclusion to privatize the potential money making entities including timber sawmill, mechanical workshop and the cattle farm. The sawmill and mechanical workshop have been privatized and currently operated by a company in partnership with the Diocese while interests are being sought for the farm.

Also recently established in the Diocese, is the Aitape Diocese Guest House facility. We have available two buildings for guest house reservations.One is a self-contained housing unit, suitable for those who travel in groups or for family travel. Offered at K150.00 per night it has three bedrooms (a master bedroom and two single rooms), kitchen, cosy lounge area and bathroom. The housing unit is built from timber with woven blinds for the inside walling. The furniture is all locally made products of hand woven cane chairs, and coffee table for the lounge including dinning chairs. Also contained are locally manufacturer furniture from the Diocesan Joinery.

The other available rental facility is the Guest House, offered at a rate of K80.00 per person per night. It is a two storey house, contained with six (6) rooms (two rooms for doubles and five for singles). Suitable for guests traveling in groups, or as individuals. The kitchen,bathroom, dining and lounge facilities are shared and are fully furnished. Security is not a problem as the property is fenced and guarded at night by nightwatchmen.

Tour of Guest House

Our guests are expected to provide and cook their own meals, however we can make arrangements for cooks to be available upon request. Transport is also provided to and from the airstrip (Tadji), however prior arrangements before your arrival is of importance.

Both facilities are suitable for people who would prefer to enjoy the simple luxuries of Aitape. So, if you're looking for adventure or a relaxing time out from your busy schedule, why not try Aitape!