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Local aid for flood victims (Aitape)

Diocese of Aitape ogoes to the aid of flood victims at the Raihu District Hospital.

Officers from the Diocese were out in full force during the flooding, bringing relief supplies of food and water to 150 hungry patients and their guardians.

Maran Nateleo (Chairman of the Health Services Board) with the assistance of program officers from the Diocese brought and delivered packets of biscuits, tins of meat and 20ltr containers of water to the eight wards, swimming through waist high water.

Dr. Trevor Kelebi thanked Mr. Nateleo and the Dicoese for the initiative taken since the hospital kitchen had been devastated by the flood and therefore patients were not abel to receive their meals.

He added that if they had not acted immediately to offer this kind of local aid, the hospital would have been faced with a more serious situation.

An appeal for immediate assistance was also sought from the District Administration and the electoral office however, none were forthcoming.

Fortunately for the hospital patients, arrangements were made by the hospital management and the Diocese, to provide a cooked meal for the patients in the evening.

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