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Flash Flooding in Aitape

Heavy flooding cause havoc in Aitape.

Most of the east and west coastline and inland areas of Aitape District were swamped by flood waters on Friday 27th, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th February.

On Friday the District Hospital at Raihu was under two metres of water as early as 5:30am in the morning, causing 150 patients and their guardians to go without food throughout the day.

Other areas that were also affected were Kumu Market, Fr. Antonine Disabled Centre, Saint Ignatius Secondary School and neighbouring settlement camps. Many were left without food to eat on Friday since the high level of flood water had drowned most of their food crops in the nearby gardens.

Villages along the Aitape east coast as far as Suain, Ulau and Yakamul were unable to have any road access due to flooding along the main highway, making it difficult for travelers to get to town.

On Saturday, further flooding occurred along the Yalingi River towards the west inland area devastating such areas as Pes, Poro, Malol, Poltulul, Yakoi and the township of Aitape.

Minister for Finance and Treasury, Patrick Pruaitch arrived on Sunday to assess the situation and has allocated K500, 000 for short term relief to be given to the people of his electorate.

According to the District Administrator, Timothy Teklan, approximately 36, 000 people have been affected by the current flood disaster in both the Aitape East and West Local Level Government areas.

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