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Sandaun HIV/AIDS Stakeholders hold 1st Annual Forum

All the stakeholders posing for a photo

Mr. Lizani taking the participants through some tips of Training Needs Analysis

Major stakeholders in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Sandaun Province were in Aitape this week for a two day forum.

A total of 45 men and women from various stakeholder organisations were present at the forum to elaborate on pressing issues in the work of HIV/AIDS.

There were representatives from such organizations such as Tingim Laip, Red Cross, SSSF (Sandaun School Soccer Federation), D.O.A. (Diocese of Aitape), Lumi DAC (District AIDS Committee), VGF (Vanimo/Green Foundation), Nuku DAC, Raihu District Hospital (Aitape) and Provincial Health (Vanimo), including officers from the Sandaun PAC (Provincial AIDS Committee).

The forum was also the first of its kind to be held for all HIV/AIDS stakeholders in the province after 10 years since the initial establishment of the Sandaun PAC.

In an opening speech by Rose Uri, Provincial AIDS Coordinator, she acknowledged the attendance of all stakeholders, saying that it was an achievement and a positive step forward in the fight against the epidemic.

Mrs. Uri said, for the first time, stakeholders were now given the opportunity to gather and share each others problems, achievements and also form a bridging network to strengthen them in the work that they do.

She added that by having such gatherings, work will progress in a more organized manner, creating better working relationships, building good networks and achieving more.

Thomas Lizani, Senior Consultant of I.E.A. (International Education Agency) Port Moresby, was also present to offer some capacity building sessions on such topics as Types of HIV/AIDS Training provided, Training Needs Analysis, Listening Skills and Devising of Annual Implementation Plans.

The stakeholders were also given an opportunity on the second day to do presentations on their represented organisations, imparting valuable information to other stakeholders, and establishing contacts.

The closing session of the forum was ended with resolutions passed by the stakeholders for the Sandaun PAC, Provincial and District Government entities to look at certain problem issues that were affecting the organisations and volunteers, in the work of HIV/AIDS in the province.

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