The Tanorama Network was established in 1994 as a source of high quality expertise in the design, management and appraisal of international development projects. The concept of the "network" was seen by the persons and organisations that supported its establishment as an efficient means of maintaining contact with major development agencies - such as Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID), the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the World Bank (WB) and United Nations (UN) organisations - while keeping in touch with each other. The members agreed that a network offered greater management and administrative efficiency to support their involvement in development assistance projects than a more traditional corporate structure.

The purposes of the Network are to gather and share information on development issues and activities, and to jointly pursue consultancies and projects that match the capabilities of members. The Network therefore maintains efficient communication, information and management systems designed to enable members to track, win and implement projects in the increasingly competitive market for development assistance. The Tanorama Network is a growing "bank" of persons with outstanding capacities and records of achievement in international development projects and consultancies.

Our Mission Statement


To encourage the development of our region through the delivery of quality services,
maximising sustainable economic benefits whilst minimising disruption to the environment
and at all times being considerate to the culture of the population.

Our People


Senior staff have been with Tanorama for many years, some since the company's inception in 1994. The staff are passionate in their work and strive to satisfy client needs in sometimes very challenging situations.


Tanorama's network extends to a wide range of professionals, specialists and academics throughout our region and beyond.


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