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Operating since 1994 and having undertaken diverse assignments throughout all provinces of Papua New Guinea, Tanorama appreciates the value of up-to-date and appropriate information.

This section contains handy references for our staff, associates and  clients (and others working in our region) to easily find and access pertinent information and contact details.

The PNG Centric Search Facility is a customised Google search engine with a Papua New Guinea / Melanesia focus.

The CIA country factsheet offers a critical review of Papua New Guinea, while the provincial factsheets give a different type of review including listing of hotels, motels, resorts & lodges in the provinces. Interesting discussions can be found within the various blogs & forums listed and updated regularly.

All efforts are made to keep the Who's Who in GoPNG list up-to-date but politics being what it is there may be a couple of entries out of date for short periods - don't hesitate to let us know if you are aware of a change we've missed.

The  News Media page shows the front and back pages of the two local daily newspapers and also provides links to other PNG related news published elsewhere in the region. However, if you are interested in photos please review some of the sites in Images of PNG, there are some brilliant images out there.

Please inform the Webmaster if you are aware of interesting and relevant Papua New Guinea related site(s) that may be of interest as an on-hand reference for site users and  visitors.





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